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Journey to the lost world of Angkor with us, and we’ll guide you to the most magnificent hidden temples off the beaten track, avoiding the crowds during our dawn tour.

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This is Kim, the founder of Angkor Backroad. I have been a professional tour guide for almost 20 years in Siem Reap, Angkor, Cambodia. We specialize in guiding our valued clients to visit Angkor Wat off the beaten track, ensuring an experience free from crowds. You will have a private tour all to yourself. Imagine stepping into Angkor at dawn; as the light changes every few minutes, you’ll witness Angkor Wat in the early morning solitude—it’s truly awe-inspiring.

Before ascending to the second level, we’ll pause for 5 minutes to listen to monks chanting, adding emotion and authenticity to your experience. Then we’ll climb the steep stairway to the next level before anyone else arrives. You’ll undoubtedly be amazed. Of course, we’ll also time our visits to other temples to avoid the crowds.
We promise to ensure your adventure with us is filled with unforgettable memories, making you eager to return.
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Angkor Backroad

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We are excited to recommend five different packages tailored to your comfort and time preferences:

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Cambodia Tonle Sap Sunset at Fishing Village Private Boat Cruise

Experience the stunning beauty of Tonle Sap Lake at sunset with a private boat cruise. This exclusive tour will take you through the serene waters of Southeast Asia’s largest freshwater lake, visiting traditional fishing villages and observing the daily lives of the local communities. Enjoy the tranquil sunset over the water, making this an unforgettable journey.

Cambodia 1-Hour Local Market Tour

Discover the vibrant life and rich flavors of a traditional Cambodian market. This tour will take you through the bustling stalls, introducing you to local vendors, fresh produce, and unique ingredients that define Cambodian cuisine.

Jasmine Cambodian Monks’ Blessing Ceremony at Angkor Temples

Experience a serene and spiritually uplifting ceremony with jasmine-scented blessings from Cambodian monks at the magnificent Angkor temples. This intimate ritual is designed to provide peace, good fortune, and a deep connection to the rich spiritual heritage of Cambodia.

Cooking Class

Join us for an immersive culinary experience where you will learn to prepare traditional Cambodian dishes using fresh, local ingredients. This hands-on class is perfect for cooking enthusiasts of all levels who want to explore the unique flavors of Cambodian cuisine.

1 Day Private Dawn Tour

Experience the magic of AngkorWat at sunrise during our private 1-day dawn tour

2 Days Angkor Highlights

Embark on our enchanting 2nd-day tour, beginning with a hotel pickup at 7am for a scenic drive through the rural countryside.
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